StreetGames – Let’s Get Physical

February 23, 2016

Particip8 have been successful in their tender to be the sole coordinator and delivery specialist of the ‘Let’s Get Physical’ project funded by national charity StreetGames. The project specialises in non-curricular physical activity aimed at disengaged, inactive children currently in school years 4 to 6.

The project to be delivered throughout Coventry and Warwickshire will see the coaching team at Particip8 working alongside a total of 27 schools for a duration of four taster sessions, six sessions of delivering the LGP programmed activities and a following 18 weeks of community sessions.

Six of the identified schools will be located in Warwickshire and split into two smaller manageable projects with the other 21 schools based in Coventry split into three smaller projects.

Each school will participate in four taster sessions consisting of non-curricular activities which will be delivered to entire year groups. From this pool of students, approximately 20 pupils will be chosen to take part in the six week ‘Let’s Get Physical’ programme.  Those pupils chosen to take part will receive pedometers to track their movement over the 6 weeks and be incentivised via hand-outs such as t-shirts, bags and wrist bands.

Additionally, those with the most amount of steps recorded on their pedometers will be entered into a prize draw to win £100 worth of vouchers.

Mid way through the six weeks of delivery, 18 weeks of community sessions will commence. These sessions will be conducted by the same coaches that deliver the school programmes which adds a level of continuity and familiarity for the children taking part.  Importantly the community sessions are open to all, ensuring those not chosen to take part in the initial six weeks’ programme can still access non curricular sports activities and engage alongside their school friends.

A major aim of the community sessions is to engage parents/guardians of attending participants by recruiting them as volunteers to aid the delivery of the sessions.

Warwick Project: Six Schools
- Four taster sessions each school targeting 720 pupils
- 20 children selected in each school to take part in six weeks of sessions (one hour per week) targeting 120 pupil
- Two community sessions per week in two venues local to the schools

Coventry Project: 21 Schools
- Four taster sessions each school targeting 2400 pupils
- 22 children selected again to take part in the six weeks of sessions (one hour per week) targeting 400 pupils
- Three community sessions a week in three venues local to the schools.

Physical activity is monitored via a questionnaire (PAQ-C) which is completed by the pupils prior to starting the projects and at three, six and nine month intervals. This will provide crucial data to evaluate the effectiveness of the projects and to ensure the longevity sports development and public health.