Activ8 Leicestershire

April 11, 2016

Following a grueling and rigorous application process Particip8 were successfully awarded a ‘Your Shire’ Grant from Leicestershire County Council. The grant was awards to run a sports employability and education project that allowed us to work with a number of young people who are not in employment education or training (NEETS).

Throughout the project we engaged 37 different young people and able been able to train and upskills the young people in up to five nationally recognised sports activator qualifications (Futsal, Street Rugby, Rounders, Basketball and Dodgeball). With these qualifications we are working closely with participants to support their transition away from being a NEETs. These opportunities include volunteer or part time coaching work with local clubs, sports organisation and leisure providers, while also signposting them to new training and educational opportunities that suit their needs.

A special thanks goes to Leicestershire County Council for awarding us the grant and StreetGames for supplying us with the tutors.