Our Mission

Particip8 CIC is a company devoted to providing opportunities to all.

Our mission is to provide accessible, stimulating and innovative activities.

Our focus is to ensure the highest standards of coaching and tuitionA�are consistently delivered acrossA�our creative andA�practical session provision.

We aim to motivate and inspire all of our participants to achieve their own individual goals withinA�our safe and compassionate learning environment.


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Our Sessions

Every single one of our sessions is created specifically to the needs of the individual or group that are participating.

We fully understand how each participants capacity and ability will be different and use small manageableA�tasks to achieve the required outcomes.

All our sessions focus on delivering results forA�each participantA�- simple steps and simple delivery can guarantee success and achievement – no matter how small.

Who are we?

Incorporated in 2013, Particip8 CIC (Community Interest Company) was formed to provide maximum opportunity to individuals and communities across the Midlands.

The Company focus has always been to encourage improvement in health, wellbeing and lifestyle for all that take part. Using identified key elements from sport, dance and theatre arts,A�Particip8 CICA�has created a programme of activities that will consistently engage all participants and develop core skills that transfer seamlessly in to everyday life.

All Particip8 CIC sessions are carefully structured to provide the appropriate level of stimulus for each participant and staffed to ensureA�the most accessible and welcoming environment.

Check the news section for the latest session details.

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